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Samantha Conboy, CCH, M.A., is a board-certified classical homeopath. She graduated from a 3-year program at the Homeopathic Academy of Southern California. Prior to her homeopathic training, Samantha completed a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Santa Clara University.

She also has a Masters of Arts in Educational Technology from San Diego State and is President of the  Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC)  which envisions a healthcare system that encompasses certified classical homeopathic practitioners accessible to all.

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Samantha has been successfully providing homeopathic consultations to a myriad of clients since 2009. She educates people about homeopathy, presents workshops throughout San Diego, and hosts webinars nationally on various health-related topics such as digestion, allergies, thyroid health, hormones, and burnout.

She serves as Outreach Coordinator @ Trinity Health Hub where she works with other homeopaths in the community. She provides remote consultations and is passionate about helping you resolve pain optimizing your health and hormones so you can live life to its fullest.

Homeopathic Consultation

A Homeopathic consultation takes two hours long finding out what is going on in your body, symptoms, and patterns, at the end I will recommend a remedy for you to try and after this initial consultation we schedule the next follow up appointment. Homeopathy is a system of medicine using microdoses of natural substances. It is used in both acute therapeutics and in constitutional care that improves health overall, or repairs disruptions in health-related to disease, environmental toxins and after-effects of medical interventions. As a remedy Gemmotherapy is a system of medicine using dilute tinctures of embryonic plant tissues. It is used for detoxification and regeneration of body tissues.


Samantha has been positively impacting people’s health through an integrated approach. You can rely on over ten years of experience and great testimonials


  • Marie V.Marie V.She is amazing! and so warm and lovely, I immediately felt comfortable in her presence.

    I consulted with Samantha Conboy on sinus cold that affected my throat and my ears were so congested I could not hear out of one. I had been in great pain and discomfort for a week. Within 24 hours, after the consultation and the purchase of the remedies she recommended, I felt 75% better.
    I will continue to work with her for any current and future health issues. She is amazing! and so warm and lovely, I immediately felt comfortable in her presence. YELP:

  • I initially sought out Samantha Conboy from San Diego Homeopathy after I learned that I had two uterine fibroids, one of which was quite large and starting to cause some discomfort. Samantha is extremely thorough–before my first appointment, she had me fill out a detailed questionnaire, then followed up with additional questions during our in-person consult. Afterwards, she had an exhaustive picture of my unique constellation of symptoms, both physical and emotional, as well as my diet and lifestyle. Based on the data she collected, she recommended a remedy that was the best fit for my symptoms, then stayed in contact via email to monitor how I was responding to the remedy. We made adjustments as needed, and we’ve continued to meet every few weeks to assess my progress.

    The remedies (combined with systemic enzymes) have been quite effective at shrinking the fibroids–my latest ultrasound showed that the smaller fibroid was gone, and the larger one had shrunk by two centimeters. But because homeopathy doesn’t simply address an isolated set of symptoms but treats the person as a whole, I’ve experienced improvements to my overall well being that I hadn’t expected, such as increased energy and decreased anxiety in social situations. And as other minor health issues have cropped up, Samantha has recommended remedies that have helped with those, as well.

    Homeopathy’s comprehensive holistic approach requires that you share a lot of sensitive personal information with your practitioner, which can be uncomfortable; but Samantha has a warm, sympathetic manner that put me completely at ease. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable, conscientious homeopath who genuinely cares about her patients, you can’t go wrong with Samantha and San Diego Homeopathy

  • Neethu San Diego – ENLARGED ADENOIDSNeethu San Diego – ENLARGED ADENOIDS

    My daughter at the age of 3 years was having the issue of enlarged adenoids. Because of this, she used to get cough, cold and fever very often. Visit to urgent care became a very common thing. She was not getting good sleep because of the nasal congestion and that used to make her cranky all day. Allopathic doctors suggested to undergo surgery to get the adenoids removed. We were confused and anxious.
    After consulting Samantha, things started to change. Her medicines made a lot of improvements on my child’s overall health. The frequency of her cough and cold occurrences reduced a lot. Her sleep improved. Her immunity also developed well. I have no words to express my gratitude for the treatment that Samantha gave to my daughter. Thanks a lot!

  • Pamela H. Burley WA -FLUPamela H. Burley WA -FLUWhen I call and leave a message she always gets back to me quickly and is always there to answer any questions I have.

    Samantha is so wonderful. She is a prominent figure in Homeopathy. She is a board-certified practitioner and is involved in many aspects of today’s homeopathy around the world. When I call and leave a message she always gets back to me quickly and is always there to answer any questions I have. When having a terrible bout with the flu she assisted me with remedies to help with my symptoms.

  • Carol P – ARTHRITISCarol P – ARTHRITISThank you again Samantha, keep up the great work. You are incredible.

    I first consulted Samantha Conboy at San Diego Homeopathy regarding my knee pain. I had been diagnosed with arthritis and needed a solution that would let me continue to dance without pain. At our first meeting, Samantha was very easy to talk with and a good listener. She not only helped me with my arthritis but now I consult her for all of my health needs. I compete in different dance events around the country and she has created a custom remedy travel kit for me that keeps me healthy on the plane and in the hotel environment. Thank you again Samantha, keep up the great work. You are incredible.

  • Stephanie – HOT FLASHES-SHINGLES-UTIsSam has become an irreplaceable support system in my overall wellness.

    Samantha is very passionate about being a homeopath and it comes through when she works with a client. She has helped me with my hot flashes, a UTI, and shingles among a few other ailments that have surfaced.

    I appreciate Sam’s gentle and calm energy. Sam has become an irreplaceable support system in my overall wellness. I had no idea when I began working with her I would receive so much support emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

    Homeopathy is an incredible encompassing wellness system. I hope you give your mind and body a huge gift and choose working with Sam to heal whatever ails you. You will give thanks for such a wonderful support in your life.


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My Own Testimonial

I will briefly walk you through the story – how I started and how I got to where  I am:
I had tried for years to get relief from chronic bladder infections. I was on and off antibiotics for years. The most frustrating part was that I would have a lot of pain and discomfort but when I went to the doctor they couldn’t find anything wrong with me. So they’d give me antibiotics and send me on my way. In addition to bladder issues, I had self-diagnosed candida and hadn’t had my period in over a year. I mentioned to my friend Cheryl that I needed to find a homeopath. (I don’t even know how I knew that word or what I thought I meant). She knew one and the rest is history.

That experience happened more than 16 years ago and I’m excited to report that not only do I not suffer from bladder infections, candida or hormonal issues anymore, my entire health has improved due to homeopathy. The symptoms are gone and have been replaced with a holistic approach to healing. I used homeopathy before, during and after both of my pregnancies. I give it to my children when they need support. I had such a profound experience with homeopathy, that I went back to school for homeopathy in 2003 and have been seeing clients since 2008.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges I’ve had to overcome?
I love homeopathy. I’d love to do homeopathy all day 24/7. Well, maybe not 24/7, but a lot of my time. I love to help people feel better. My challenge is that to be a successful business owner, I have to be more than a homeopath. I need to market myself, get out there and let people know what I do.

For someone who is rather introverted, it’s tough. Like I said, I much rather do homeopathy than market myself. I have a lot of great support with this. I have an excellent mentor and guide, a life coach and other business owners that I meet with to help cheer me on to get out there. My aim this year is to enjoy my marketing, have fun with it and have it truly reflect who I am.

The other challenge is that in the US, homeopathy is rather a niche area even among the integrative healthcare field. It hasn’t gained the recognition or popularity that I think is coming. Homeopathy is not a quick fix and people want to feel better yesterday. I get that and I think sometimes people leave before the miracle happens. It is subtle, but long-lasting, and can be life transforming.

Sometimes it’s difficult to differentiate homeopathy from other forms of natural medicine. It’s an energy medicine like acupuncture. It works with the body and stimulates the body’s immune or regulatory response. Finding THE remedy can sometimes take a bit especially for chronic issues. Part of my challenge is to educate people about what homeopathy really is and how it can be a part of their healthcare regiment.

Alright – so let’s talk about Practical Homeopathy  – what should you know?
I am a board certified classical homeopath (CCH) with San Diego Homeopathy. I specialize in classical homeopath which treats the whole person, one remedy at a time. I offer constitutional care which means we talk about everything health related (and more) at the initial 2-hour consult.

From that intake, I recommend a homeopathic remedy and then we meet again in a month to assess how the remedy is working. For chronic issues, follow-ups are monthly for 4-6 months depending on the condition. I also help people with shorter-term concerns, likes colds and flu. I give talks at Jimbo’s about homeopathic remedies for all kinds of issues ranging from a thyroid imbalance, hormonal imbalance to allergies and digestive health. Homeopathy is a whole systems medicine. Whether someone has allergies or insomnia, we have a remedy for that!

I love working with families and equipping moms with homeopathy so they can help their kiddos when they are sick. Nothing is better than having a natural remedy on hand at 2:00 am when the flu hits. I work with other practitioners and doctors to provide the best overall care for my clients. Sometimes people feel better just being heard and a lot of times people are blown away by the power of the little white pill.

We cannot put a price on good health. We can go anywhere and do anything when we feel good, full of life and are vibrant. Being healthy doesn’t mean you have to be perfect. I think it means you need to pay attention to the cues your body is sending you and act accordingly. We all know little sleep, junk food and being stressed all the time takes a toll on our physical as well as emotional/mental health eventually. Homeopathy in its subtle, gentle way can veer you back on course. Don’t wait until the wheels have fallen off the bus, so to speak, pay attention now and give your body and your health the attention it deserves. As we feel better, we can do more for ourselves and others.

What sets me apart? I’ve been in chronic pain with a condition that was written off. I know how it feels to endure and be discouraged and feel hopeless. I’m a mom and know the challenges of raising healthy, well-rounded children. I also know the delicate balance between straddling the world of business ownership, motherhood and having a life outside of all of that. I feel it’s my calling to help people heal and end their suffering, for them to know they are not alone and there is a solution to your pain.

Is there a characteristic or quality that you feel is essential to success?
I think not doing it alone is what has contributed most to my success. My husband supports me in what I do even if he isn’t quite sure what it is I do. My teachers and mentors ahead of me show me what’s possible. My coach, kids, friends, and family all cheer me on especially when I feel may feel like giving up.


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